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"Come away, O' human child, to the waters and the wild; With a faery hand in hand, for the world's more full of weeping than you can understand."
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Iron and bronze wands/distaffs of the Völvur

A Leaden Curse

From the Greek Magical Papyri
PGM XXXVI. 231-55

"Take a lead lamella and inscribe with a bronze stylus the following names and the figure, and after smearing it with blood from a bat, roll up the lamella in the usual fashion. Cut open a frog and put it into its stomach. After stiching it up with Anubian thread and a bronze needle, hang it up on a reed from your property by means of hairs from the tip of the tail of a black ox, at the east of the property near the rising of the sun."

Love Spell of Attraction

From the Greek Magical Papyri:
PGM XXXVI. 187-210

"On an unbaked piece of pottery write with a bronze stylus: "Hecate, you, Hecate, triple-formed, since every seal of every [love spell of attraction] has been completed, I adjure you by thc great name of ABLANATHANALBA and by the power of AGRAMARI, because I adjure you, you who possess the fire, ONYR, and those in it, that she, ____ , be set afire, that she come in pursuit of me, ____ , because I am holding in my right hand the two serpents and the victory of IAO SABAOTH and the great name BILKATRI MOPHECHE, who brandishes fire, … that she love me I completely and be dame and on fire for me; aye, and tortured too. I am SYNKOUTOUEL."
[Write] 8 characters Like this: “Grant me, indeed the favor of all, ADONAI”

Anonymous asked: Hiya! This is probably a stupid question but is there such a thing as a spell overload? Having more than one or 2 spells working at the same time? Is there anything wrong w it , because it worked successfully for a friend who had a tough case trying to get an exbf back. It finally worked when she had several spells going at the same time. thanks!


It depends on the spells already in place. Some should be left to work on their own. Other circumstances can benefit from having multiple things going on at once. Usually if there are many small charms going on at once the working will be effective. However, certain stronger spells might be deterred or distracted by others. This is where magic is similar in many ways to art, such as painting. A cohesive piece can have many things going on at once, but too many can distract from the intended effect of the piece. Similarly too little going on may draw short on your intended effect as well. This can just take some practice, but in general is up to the discretion of the magician or witch.

Anonymous asked: Hi! How long would you say it takes to see results from a spell? I have been told that people should see changes within a week and 3 weeks to see complete results. Is this true??thank you


Hi anon,

It completely depends on the spell! Some spells are instantaneous or only take a few minutes. Others, can take up to a year. Some spells specify the time expectancy, but usually you have to learn to listen to the spirits or your instinct for both will instruct you. It’s usually important to let spells go after you have cast them, do not think on them endlessly, or worry about them, do not sit daily and wait for the results. Accept that something is being done, and do your best to release any thoughts on it, especially if they may muddle your working. Hope that helped <3

Anonymous asked: Thanks for explaining. You are very helpful suga! Would you list a strong binding spell to bewitch someone? Can you also list a foreva bonding spell ? All ive got is a pic though , so i hope you can help with my request as the person lives in Oregon and I live in Cali. Thanks.


Sure! Well in essence the two are the same sort of thing. Here are a few that do the trick. The first is a hoodoo trick from Catherine Yronwode’s Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic. The ones following come from the ancient Greek Magical Papyri (PGM). The PGM have some of the best binding spells, because much of their magic involved “fixing” or binding targets in lead defixione or poppets pierced with pins and nails, etc. 

To Bind a Lover to You: Place a photo of you and a photo of your lover on
a piece of red cloth, face-to- face, along with knot weed, periwinkle, rose petals, and Love Me Powder. Fold the cloth over, tie it with a shoelace from
each party, dress the packet with Love Me Oil, and keep it under your bed. Alternatively, to call an absent lover back, substitute Come to Me Powder and Oil and bury the packet at your doorstep, ralher than under your bed. The Iroquois carry powdered knot weed in a packet to draw love: they say that slipping some into a prospective mate’s tea will make you seem more attractive.”

PGM VII. 981-93
"Love spell of attraction: Purify yourself from everything for [nine] days and say [this] spell at sunrise: "Helios [do not be stubborn] but come here to me, Mistress AKTIOPHIS ERESCHIGAL PERSEPHONE, attract him/her/them to me and bind him/her/them, ____ , whom ____ bore,
[to] the man/woman/one who is [pining away] with [passion for him/her/them]; at this very moment, inflame him/her/them that he/she/they fulfill the nightly desires of ____, whom ____ bore. Aye, lord NETHMOMAO [Helios, enter] into the [soul] of him/her/them, ____ , whom ____ bore, and
[burn his/her/their heart], his/her/their guts, [his/her/their liver, his/her/their spirit, his/her/their bones. Perform] successfully for me [this] charm, immediately, immediately; [quickly, quickly].”

"[For any place], either home or workshop. [It attracrs a woman] to a man. The same one [makes them steadfast] and faithful: Take a leaf [of lead] and with a nail write the figure while saying [the name that follows and]: "I shall burn up the house and the [soul of him, ____ , to] cause desire for her, ____, whom ____ bore, whom ____ bore,’ as Typhon did [not] allow Osiris to find sleep. For I am [master of] MASKELLI MASICELLO PHNOUN KENTABAOTH OREOBA ZAGRRA RESICHTHON HIPPOCHTHON PYRIPE GANYX. Fulfill this for me, all-brightener, august lightbringer [of gods and daimons]."
Name of the all-[powerful] god: IAO IAO IAO.

Anonymous asked: any beginer/household spells that dont envolve hard to get ingredients?



You need to be more specific about your spell request, there are many different kinds of spells that involve a household.


About using hard-to-get ingredients; it’s true that a lot of magic requires ingredients that aren’t easy to acquire. Often these can be found out in the surrounding wilderness, where surprisingly few modern witches venture, or require a bit of cleverness to obtain. I try to provide spells that are comparatively easy to obtain materials for: in essence, supplies one can usually buy at a botanica or occult shop. If you don’t live near one, the internet is a wonderful shopping center as well. Original Botanica is one wonderful example, as are Tenzing Momo and Lucky Mojo for herbs and some curios. Trying to sort through, let alone acquire or purchase, all the supplies of magic can be daunting and confusing as a beginner but it is part of the learning process. You learn about these tools by using them.
A lot of people want simple spells, which I don’t assist with. While many spells are comparatively simple, if someone is asking for a simple spell, then they probably aren’t willing to work hard for what they want so I’m not willing to work hard for them. It’s a waste of my time. Magic isn’t simple.

Often times, acquiring the ingredients can be a monetary issue. In this case I recommend researching your native ecosystem and seeing if any of the ingredients can be found in nature around you! (GROUNDBREAKING) Go searching for them! If this isn’t the case, just message me and I’ll do my best to help you come up with substitutes for expensive supplies. Thanks for bringing it up, anon!

Anonymous asked: Do you know of any sexual erotic enchantment spell for a person who lives a bit far away? Thanks


To Control Your Partner’s Sexual Nature: Wrap your lover’s picture in a red cloth with cherry bark to make [them] more passionate. If your lover turns away from you, burn !he picture, the cloth, and the bark in a hot
fire. Your lover’s nature will leave when [they are] with someone else

A Mojo to To Attract a Woman: To prepare a strong love-drawing conjure hand, the man gets one of the woman’s hairs and one of his own hairs and folds them into a name-paper on which he has written her full name three times crossed by his full name written three times. The paper packet is placed in a red flannel bag, along with sampson snake root and a pair
of small lodestones that have been fed with magnetic sand. This bag can be dressed with Hoyt’s Cologne, Attraction Oil, or Come to Me Oil; it should be worn in the front pocket, near the genitals.

To Attract a Man: Write your name and his name with pencil on pieces of
paper. Pin the name-papers together face-to-face. and pull them into a pint jar of waler with a spoonful or sugar or honey and a handful of orange flowers. Close the jar and surround it with five red candles dressed with Attraction Oil. Bum all the candles at once, calling the man’s name aloud as you light each one. Let the jar sit for five days. then take the name-papers out, bury them in your back yard, and dress the spot with the left-over sweet water and your own urine.

"Nine-Plus-Nine" Love Herbs: To draw a new love, increase sexual passion, bring back a lost love, or ensure a happy marriage, make a “Nine-Plus-Nine” blend of nine love herbs and nine love oils, and bathe in it for nine days: Mix rose buds, red clover, catnip, lavender, damiana, cubebs, juniper berries, gentian root, and deer’s tongue. Dress the herbs with three drops each of Attraction, Come To Me, Follow Me Boy, Kiss Me Now!, Lavender Love Drops, Love Me, Reconciliation, Peaceful Home, and Stay With Me Oils. Divide the mixture into nine portions. Each day, place a portion in a muslin bag and brew into a tea in a wash basin. For nine days use your handkerchief to wash your face, breasts or chest, and genitals in this tea before dawn, carry the wash basin to a crossroads, call the name of the one you love, and throw your used bath water over your left shoulder toward the rising sun. This same “nine-plus-nine” love herb mix lure can also be burned on charcoal with sandalwood and myrrh to provide a romantic atmosphere, as you work a love-drawing candle or lodestone spell.”

– Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, by Catherine Yronwode

You can also do a simiple honey jar spell with a red candle, sprinkling ginger around the jar to add “heat”.

Anonymous asked: I need a spell to teach a selfish person a lesson on not using other people. Thanks in advance!


Sorry love there are so many curses out there, I need you to be a little more specific about what you want.

Rewilding Witchcraft | Scarlet Imprint →

One of the most important articles on contemporary witchcraft I’ve ever read.

We have a long way to walk from where we are, and a lot to do before the end.

Anonymous asked: I have a dum question. Is a banishing spell the same as a binding spell? And what is the difference between binding and bonding spells??


Hi there, don’t be afraid to ask “dumb” questions! It’s okay. It’s all in the words, any google dictionary will give you the answers to spell categorization questions:

Banishing spells banish; they get rid of something.

Binding spells bind; it’s an abstract term, they fix something in place. This tends to refer more to the method in which the spell is enacted (often using nails, thorns, pins, cords, or ropes. In this you can curse someone, romantically bewitch someone, control court proceedings (ex), force them to return stolen goods, or prevent them from taking some particular action.

I believe any reference to a bonding spell might be a simple typo? “Bonding spell” not a common term, but I suppose it could be a love or attraction spell, or alternatively a spell that ties two forces together.

Thanks for asking, love!

Anonymous asked: Hey Your ( a simple love spell ) with rose petals, Can the spell be modified for a certain someone? Please do explain how if it can be done. Thanks !


I don’t know which spell you’re asking about: there are many love spells that use roses on this blog. Almost every spell can be modified by using the target’s name, personal effects, or location depending on the spell. Send me the exact title or author of the spell you’re talking about and I’ll try to instruct you better!

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