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"Come away, O' human child, to the waters and the wild; With a faery hand in hand, for the world's more full of weeping than you can understand."
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Hi everyone!

Sorry for my brief little absence, for the past five days we’ve been having orientation in a lovely town called Pescia without computer access, so I wasn’t able to blog. However pictures and stories from the beautiful medieval village and the various towns and castles we visited will be posted soon!

I just moved into the home-stay with my host mother and a good friend of mine. She’s a beautiful, literally colorful, amazingly artistic, old Jewish woman. I’m living in a small room off a spiral staircase overlooking a lovely courtyard! We have full access to the garden which is incredible, and the sounds of violin and yelling children and mezz’ora church bells echo around the villa, with sounds of the city around us filtering in every now and then. The entryway is one of the most beautiful parts of the house, with a broken bust statue and marvelous pillars and a high gate: the design is actually one of Michael Angelo’s…like not even kidding. Looking out my ivy-covered window with my clothes, altar and books all set up nearby, and feeling pretty spoiled.

I’ll do my best to keep updating this week as I get settled. Thanks for being patient!

baci <3


Stills from this tour of The Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall from the 1960s.

(via iseesigils)

This is my last day in America! Like or reblog if you live in Italy!

Anonymous asked: Thanks for posting the alternatives to Lucky Mojo question. I used to be active on the forums but the owner is really rude and condescending to less experienced practitioners, really rigid about her system of belief, and she's also pretty culturally appropriative to boot. (For example she never credits or pays the black hoodoo experts she learned from or references all the time, which is inconsiderate?) The products are ok and they have some things I can't find elsewhere, but I don't like them


YES thank you! All of that are serious issues that are addressed less often than the fact that she is trying to murder a teenager by magic for copyright infringement and that her husband supported a teen suicide website. They just suck as people, in general, but also magicians. Fuck those guys.

Anonymous asked: Do you know of any alternatives to Lucky Mojo? I've tried Original Botanica and they seem good, but I'm not as certain of their quality. (Their oils seem somewhat synthetic, for example, but I think that's just because I can't see the herbs in it.)


yeah! I posted a whole list of resources here at the bottom! Thanks for being conscious of where you place your support and resources! <3

Vulcanalia (2014)
Eugene, OR, United States
Photocred: Alex Emond

Simple ceremony on August 23rd for Vulcan (Hephaestus) the (Greco-) Roman God of fire and forge. We had a big bonfire at the party afterward.

"Strong, mighty Vulcan , bearing splendid light,
Unweary’d fire, with flaming torrents bright:
Strong-handed, deathless, and of art divine,
Pure element, a portion of the world is thine:
All-taming artist, all-diffusive pow’r,
'Tis thine supreme, all substance to devour:
Æther, Sun, Moon, and Stars, light pure and clear,
For these thy lucid parts to men appear.
To thee, all dwellings, cities, tribes belong,
Diffus’d thro’ mortal bodies bright and strong.
Hear, blessed power, to holy rites incline,
And all propitious on the incense shine:
Suppress the rage of fires unweary’d frame,
And still preserve our nature’s vital flame.”

Ἥφαιστ’ ὀμβριμόθυμε, μεγασθενές,  κάματον πῦρ,
λαμπόμενε φλογέαις αὐγαῖς, φαεσίμβροτε δαῖμον,
φωσφόρε, καρτερόχειρ, αἰώνιε, τεχνοδίαιτε,
ἐργαστήρ, κόσμοιο μέρος, στοιχεῖον  μεμφές,
παμφάγε, πανδαμάτωρ, πανυπέρτατε, παντοδίαιτε,
αἰθήρ, ἥλιος, ἄστρα, σελήνη, φῶς  μίαντον·
ταῦτα γὰρ Ἡφαίστοιο μέλη θνητοῖσι προφαίνει.
πάντα δὲ οἶκον ἔχεις, πᾶσαν πόλιν, ἔθνεα πάντα,
σώματά τε θνητῶν οἰκεῖς, πολύολβε, κραταιέ.
κλῦθι, μάκαρ, κλήιζω σε πρὸς εὐιέρους ἐπιλοιβάς,
αἰεὶ ὅπως χαίρουσιν ἐπ’ ἔργοις ἥμερος ἔλθοις.
παῦσον λυσσῶσαν μανίαν πυρὸς  καμάτοιο
καῦσιν ἔχων φύσεως ἐν σώμασιν ἡμετέροισιν.”

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