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im-a-dragon-youre-a-wh0re asked: Know any good resources for actual witchcraft that isn't riddled with Wiccan shit?


Basically evvvvverything I post on this blog, honeypie. <3

Anonymous asked: Um are there any spells you know to cause chaos in a group of people? For example, to make a party get out of hand?


Here are some traditional witchcraft spells to induce discord, get creative with the application. Think punchbowl maybe?

"A stone that is bitten by a mad dog hath the power to cause discord, if it be put in drink.

To cause enmity between friends, mark an X on a leaf of sage with the name of one friend writ on it, and bury it under the doorstep of the other. As the leaf falls apart so will their friendship.

That a person may hate everyone, give him to drink wine in which is mingled the blood from the ear of a black cat, prickles from a rose, and dried ants. He will have a falling out with everyone he meets.

To part all friends and lovers gather a twig for each letter of the names of those whom you enchant. Take two twigs at a time in your hand, one from each name, and break them together at one blow, reciting over them the victims’ names. Then bury the twigs together in a heap.”

– Witches’ Potions and Spells, by Kathryn Paulsen

Here are some Hoodoo tricks for the purpose:

"To Cause Confusion in a House: Mix dauber dirt with red pepper, black pepper, black mustard seeds, and salt and sprinkle it all around a house in which you want to create confusion and discord.

Confusion Sprinkle: To cause a household of people, or all the employees at a business, to misunderstand one another, fail to follow instructions, or make poor decisions, walk backwards across the doorway of the premises sprinkling a mix of black mustard seed and sulfur powder.

To Cause Inflammatory Confusion in an Enemy’s Household: Mix red pepper flakes with equal parts black mustard seeds, grains of paradise, whole black pepper corns, and poppy seeds. Grind the mix to a powder by hand, cursing the entire time, and throw the powder on your enemy’s doorstep.”

– Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, by Catherine Yronwode

Happy mischief-making :)

Anonymous asked: Have you ever read "The mists of Avalon"? What do you think about it?


Yeaya! I love it! It’s a great work of fiction! :) It was one of the first pagan-inspired novels I read, and was a big contributor to how I first began to picture paganism and magic (which of course took some tailoring afterward, but I was pretty young so das fine ;)

What’s your favorite pagan/witch novel? :)

andmymagicalworld asked: Hi :) I'm new and have never done a proper spell, but I find your tumblr very helpful, thank you!


Awe, I’m so glad to hear it hon. I’m really glad I could help! :)

Anonymous asked: Any strong simple spell or curse to get someone who lives far to have you on his/her mind 24/7 constantly? Drive him/her crazy only thinking of you? Thanks!


I swear to god if you message me one more repeat message… and I do not mean Jehovah.

Anonymous asked: Is it possible for someone to pay you to make offering to Tyche/Fortuna On their behalf? Have you done this for anyone before?


I haven’t, and it is really something one should do themselves. Sorry, anon <3

Anonymous asked: Buddy , how do I make an offering to Tyche/Fortuna? Can you explain ?


There are different ways. You can find a strong stone wall, and do the offering there. Go to a craft store and purchase a small wicker cornucopia, and fill it with fruit and grains. Bring it to the wall, before which you can construct a small pyre. On this pour Frankincense, clove, olive oil, sulfur, and red wine. Then read her hymn and ask her for her blessings on your finances:

Approach strong Fortune, with propitious mind
And rich abundance, to my pray’r inclin’d:
Placid, and gentle Trivia, mighty nam’d,
Imperial Dian, born of Pluto fam’d;
Mankind’s unconquer’d, endless praise is thine,
Sepulch’ral, widely-wand’ring pow’r divine!
In thee, our various mortal life is found,
And some from thee in copious wealth abound;
While others mourn thy hand averse to bless,
In all the bitterness of deep distress.
Be present, Goddess, to thy vot’ry kind,
And give abundance with benignant mind.
– In Translation by Thomas Taylor

If you happen to speak Ancient Greek…

Δεῦρο, Τύχη· καλέω σ’,  γαθὴν κράντειραν, ἐπ’ εὐχαῖς,
μειλιχίαν, ἐνοδῖτιν, ἐπ’ εὐόλβοις κτεάτεσσιν,
Ἄρτεμιν ἡγεμόνην, μεγαλώνυμον, Εὐβουλῆος
αἵματος ἐκγεγαῶσαν,  πρόσμαχον εὖχος ἔχουσαν,
τυμβιδίαν, πολύπλαγκτον,  οίδιμον  νθρώποισιν.
ἐν σοὶ γὰρ βίοτος θνητῶν παμποίκιλός ἐστιν·
οἷς μὲν γὰρ τεύχεις κτεάνων πλῆθος πολύολβον,
οἷς δὲ κακὴν πενίην θυμῶι χόλον ὁρμαίνουσα.
 λλά, θεά, λίτομαί σε μολεῖν βίωι εὐμενέουσαν,
ὄλβοισι πλήθουσαν ἐπ’ εὐόλβοις κτεάτεσσιν.

…then there you go.

Let the pyre burn down. Place the cornucopia at the foot of the wall to the right of the pyre, and place 3 silver coins into a crack or hole in the wall along with a little more frankincense.

Best of luck! (badum*ch)

Anonymous asked: Would you be willing to cast a curse for someone? Someone who was wronged and hurt and played by the target? The target led the victim on after the victim tried to let go, then gave the victim new hope. Then the target crushed the victim again. Now the victim finds it hard to trust anyone or move on, meanwhile the target is enjoying life. Would you do that? Would you make the target feel the pain the victim felt? Would you remind them of how much they hurt the victim? Would you do this?


Email me at this address: zqztc@yahoo.com and we’ll talk, okay?

Anonymous asked: Things haven't been going well lately, so I consulted a psychic and tarot reader whom I've known for many years and thoroughly trust. Upon my visiting, she commented that something didn't feel quite right. We did the reading, and nearly all cards were negative and reversed. She said she thought I'd been cursed, and I am sure she was right. It's probably my own fault, as I've given people reason to. What can I do to destroy this curse upon me?


Black hens are handy for the cause:

For Uncrossing: Roll an uncooked hen’s egg over the body to collect
negative energy and messes: discard by throwing into a crossroads or at a tree…

Down-Home Uncrossing Powder: Doctors bum black hen feathers to a fine ash and dust or blow it on jinxed clients.. to take off bod conditions.

Black Hen feather Witch-Bottle: A bottle containing Devil Dung, black hen feathers, and the jinx-victim’s urine is said to reverse evil back to a
witch. Bury it under the doorstep or hide it in the chimney of the witch…

Blue Water Baths for Protection and Success: Mix one Blueing square. a
tablespoonful of ammonia, and either a tablespoonful of alum (for protection) or a tablespoonful of sugar (for success) in a tub of water. As you bathe, pray according to your condition - either for getting uncrossed or to bring in luck - then take a pan of your used bath water and throw it toward the sunrise…

[You can also put coffee in your bathwater, and do the same thing]

It is said that if you burn Devil’s Bit on charcoal at high noon, the fumes will destroy an enemy’s power to harm you. Some people mix Devil’s Bit root chips into commercial incenses like Fiery Wall of Protection, Run Devil Run, or Uncrossing and bum them to shield themselves…

Nettle is a strong jinx-breaker. Folks dry the leaves and mix them with at least one other uncrossing herb, such as Mint, Rue, Wahoo, or Agrimony, plus at least one jinx-breaking mineral, like Witch’s Salt [black salt], Graveyard Dust. or Uncrossing Powder. then sprinkle it around their homes to cut off curses put on by witches…

To 8reak a Jinx Made On You Willi Your Hair or Personal Concerns: Mix
pennyroyal with nettle and Graveyard Dirt, and sprinkle it lightly on
your hair and clothing for one night, to kill any rootwork that was made by
working with your personal concerns. Brush the mix off the next morning
before dawn, smoke yourself and your clothes with Uncrossing Incense, and drink a cup of mild pennyroyal and nettle tea…[WARNING: Pennyroyal tea has been used to induce menstrual cycles and abortions, DO NOT DRINK if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.]

Personal Cleansing: Mix poke root with agrimony in Uncrossing, Jinx
Removing, or Reversing Oil, let them blend a month, strain the herbs out, and rub the body downward with the oil every day for 13 days to kill a jinx…

Break or Reverse a Jinx: To kill a jinx, light white cross candles dressed with
Uncrossing Oil and bum rue, agrimony, and benzoin on charcoal for three
nights. To send the jinx back to the one who made it, bum the same herbs, but light double-action white and black candles dressed with Reversing Oil instead…

Jinx-Breaking Bath or Sprinkle: Mix a teaspoonful of saltpeter, a cup
of salt, and a teaspoonful of red pepper this can be mixed with waler for an
Uncrossing bath or used as a Get Away or Run Devil Run type sprinkle…

To Undo a Curse That Has Been Put Upon You: Tum a white candle upside
down, carve a new top at what was the bottom. dress it with Uncrossing Oil and agrimony, and bum it an inch a day until you get relief. Mixed with salt
and sprinkled in a home or business, agrimony unmakes or reverses any
trick that has been laid down to hurt the people who live or work there…

For Uncrossing: Angelica root powder, salt, and sulfur make a good
jinx-breaking mix which can be added to Uncrossing Powder to strengthen its action and undo the workings of your enemies.”

– Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, by Catherine Yronwode

You can also take a small narrow necked vessel, and put inside your hair, finger and toenail clippings, agrimony, salt, rue, tangled red and black thread, nine bent pins and three large blackthorn spikes. Fill it the rest of the way with your urine, cork it and seal the cork with black wax. You can bury it next to your front step, in a churchyard, or conceal it up your chimney.

Afterward, don’t forget to employ protective spells and charms.

Anonymous asked: Any good spells or tricks for home protection , protection against harm, violence and abuse in a home? Overall peace & happiness in a home ?


Yes, but if there is a way you can get whoever is in danger out of that home, you need to do it. Violence is never okay in a home, and there are more than just magical solutions to this problem. Please do everything you can. Here are some spells none the less:

If it’s one person causing it you can try the honey jar spell with a blue candle, crossed their name with all the names of those who live in the home, and speak “…be kind and gentle to all of us…

Basil hung up in the home or kept in a bowl in the kitchen/on the fireplace will add to the protection and peace of the home.

You can make tea from Motherwort and add it to the rinse cycle while doing the family’s laundry.

"For a Peaceful Home: Pick fresh borage flowers, steep them in hot water
to make a tea, and either sprinkle the tea around the house, or add it to
Peaceful Home floor wash or Peace Water and scrub the floors with it…

For a Peaceful Home: corn flowers may be used alone or mixed with periwinkle, borage, rosemary, and forget-me-not and dressed with Peaceful Home Oil. Brew the fresh flowers into a tea and sprinkle this at the four comers of the property, the four corners of the house, the four corners of each room, and the four corners of the kitchen table, to restore harmony and love to the family, or place a pinch of the dried flowers in each corner of a room where family fights have occurred, with a fifth pinch under the rug at the center of the room…

To Clear Up Trouble in the Home: After there has been a fight, some people burn dried pennyroyal leaves as a clearing incense in the home or keep a bowl of the herb on the home altar next to a bottle of Florida Water. Pennyroyal is an ingredient in Peaceful Home Oil…

Peace in the Home: Bore a hole in a red onion, fill it with sugar, tie a
shoelace around it, and hide it above the door where folks will walk under it…

To Keep Peace and Quiet in the Home: Mix Southernwood with Peaceful Home Incense or Peaceful Home Herb Mix and dress with Blessing Oil: bum daily on charcoal to bring tranquility to family relationships.”

Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, by Catherine Yronwode

To Be Rid of Anger:
If the house is infected by a rage that will not be appeased, whether yours or another’s, you must find a toad in the garden and shut him up in a wicker basket. Take this to where the afflicted sleeps and set it beneath his bed, letting it remain there through a whole night. In the morning draw the basket out, bear it to a cross-roads, and release the toad with these words:
Hence, toad,
Take thy road,
Get thee gone
And all thy bane;
Carry this anger
To a stranger,
Bring it never
Home again.”

– Crone’s Book of Magical Words
, by Valerie Worth

These are the best I have, sugar, but please consider what I said at the top. Best of luck.

cranburythebody asked: The conditions were pretty much for him to fail at everything he tried, never be satisfied in life, and to always look back on memories with regret. What if I don't have a picture of him? I do have an old shirt of his.


Get a picture of him. It’s the internet age, or if you also have some of his hair etc you can replace the photo with a poppet (you could use the shirt for the cloth, especially if it’s unwashed). That’s probably a lot more work though.

Anonymous asked: Can you list some honey jar and sugar pot spells for bringing back a lover, for love and for friendship/happiness? Thanks suga!


It’s basically the same for the honey spell: ( I’ll bold the changes) ‘Acquire a small glass jar of honey (natural is better but whatever you can find). Inside it place molasses, sugar, and a paper with the name written length-wise nine times and crossed vertically with yours nine times, surrounded in a circle of the words “love me love me” without lifting the pen. (You can practice beforehand, that’s fine.) Also include some of their hair if you can. Place this on your bedside table, and attach to the lid a small pink candle. After you have lit it whisper her name three times to the flame “___, ___, ___, as this candle burns so will you return and love me, by the power of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, amen.” Repeat it three times. Let the candle burn all the way down to the jar.’ Of course you can use other sweeteners here, if you only have molasses or sugar or corn/cane syrup it will also work. To return a lover, I would also sprinkle red and pink rose petals around the working.

Here is a whole list of spells to bring back a lover, and among them is another sweetening spell using sugar and white candles. Hope this helps!

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