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"Come away, O' human child, to the waters and the wild; With a faery hand in hand, for the world's more full of weeping than you can understand."
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Sirin and AlkonostThe Birds of Joy and Sorrow (1896), Viktor Vasnetsov

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Eastern Orthodox Palm Sunday celebrations

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Saint George’s Day


"The day of saint George was really important for Bulgarians in the past. It was believed that he helps the crops grow and blesses the morning dew, so early in the morning they walked in the pastures and meadows and collected dew, washed their face, hands and feet in it for good luck and even in some rural parts of Bulgaria it was a custom to roll in it naked.

It is also believed that on Saint Georges day herbs have special magical powers and that it was the best day to break evil spells and make good fertility spells. It was a custom (a somewhat barbaric one ) that every Christian home should kill a lamb.The lamb to be offered was picked in different ways- some picked the firs lamb to be born that year, some the first to go out of the barn, some the first white or black lamb etc. Then the lamb was fed with bread, salt, fresh grass and herbs. It was given holy water to drink and sometimes a priest blessed it.

 In different parts of Bulgaria there were different customs about where the lamb should be killed. Some believed that it should be killed in the home, to bring prosperity to the family, others that it should be killed in the fields as an offering to God and as a prayer that the crops would be good. Nowadays although seldom families kill their own lambs it is a custom to cook lamb and gather the whole family around the table on Saint Georges day.”


Preparing an early Fordicidia and Parilia ritual for tonight.


The Witching Hour show tonight!



Hey guys! Don’t forget to tune into my new radio talk show, The Witching Hour, tonight (Tuesday) at 12am EST! 

Tonight I’m going to be covering the topics of potions, tinctures, ointments, waters and other liquids!

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