Fly Agaric|Agaricus muscarius

A hallucinogen that is not, in fact, highly toxic when consumed in reasonable amounts. You could eat half an 8 inch mushroom, properly prepared, and the worst side effects would be nausea and a bad trip. It is related to the energies of faeries and witches like the Baba Yaga. It has also been linked to images of the World Tree and to ecstatic cults over northern and southern Europe. The entire book of Revelation (written by John the Apostle) was written under the influence of fly agaric (oft called Soma in ancient texts, such as the Rig Veda). It is one of the best known species of plant and fungi that has been related continuously to rites of initiation.
Sacred to Baba Yaga, deer, ravens, faeries, toads, Queen Madb, Dionysus, Odin, and Pan.