"The word 'Abracadabra' written on parchment was given by an Exeter white witch, to a person who desired to possess a talisman against the dominion of the grey witch, pixies, evil spirits and the powers of darkness ! It cost a guinea, and was sewn up in a small black silk bag one inch square. This was hung round the neck and never removed. Should it by chance fall to the ground, all its properties for good would be lost and a new charm must be procured from the same white witch, or dire misfortune would over take the owner. In ” Remi niscences and Reflections,” of an old West Country clergy man (the Rev. W. H. Thorn ton, rector of North Bovey), the word ” Abracadabra ” oc curs on page 44, in connection with a meeting of spiritualists, held in London in 1848.”
–Nummits and Crummits: Devonshire Customs, Characteristics, and Folk-lore by Sarah Hewett